Our company has over 50 years of successful work in the field of thermal insulation. With extensive experience, we are in a leading position in its industry. To date, the composition of "Belteploizolyatsiya" has six branches located in the cities of Brest, Gomel, Mogilev, Mozyr, Novopolotsk and Soligorsk.
The Company is also the founder of two unitary enterprises: Grodno and Vitebsk administration of "Belteploizolyatsiya", the Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation, Svetliy). Each of the branches and unitary enterprises have their own production bases, including a plant for production of elements (pieces) of protective coatings of thermal insulation, as well as repair and service areas.
There are building sites in other regional cities: Baranovichi, Pinsk, Bereza, Svetlogorsk, Lida, Slonim, Volkovysk, Smorgon, Bobruisk, Orsha and Slutsk.
The total number of personnel of «Belteploizolyatsiya" is more than 800 people.
The company has scientific, technical and regulatory documentation and to carry out construction and installation work has the necessary technical equipment: onboard automobiles and trucks, cranes and aerial platforms, trailers and semi-trailers, hydraulic lifts, gantries, tractors, forklifts, compressors, aggregates electric welding, scaffolding and etc.


For more than 45 years of working period of "Belteploizolyatsiya" participated in the construction of such facilities as:

→ refineries in the cities. Novopolotsk, Mozyr, Perm, Ryazan, Kirishi, Usinsk, g.Unecha, Zhecha station (Bryansk region); Tyumen, Kaliningrad;
→ chemical complex in Aksaraisk, g.Buzuluk;
→ potash plant RMS-1,2,3,4 in Soligorsk, pos. Garlyk (Turkmenistan);
→ JSC "Grodnoazot" in Grodno, "Mogilevkhimvolokno", JSC "Lida Lakokraska", JSC "Gomel Chemical Plant;
→ Belarusian Cement Plant GP Communards, cement factories in the cities. Krichev, Vaukavysk;
→ industrial giants MTZ, MAZ, BelAZ, MoAZ;
→ sugar factories in Slutsk and Zhabinka Skidel;
→ meat processing plants and dairies, wineries, breweries, soft drinks plants;
→ main heating systems;
→ community facilities, residential buildings;
→ RUP PO "Fiberglass" in Polotsk;
→ ON "Polymir";
→ «Kaliningradmorneft" in paragraph Zorin Kaliningrad region.;
→ JSC "Sibur-PET", the city of Tver;
→ Pulp and paper mills and Segezha Syktyvkar;
→ Olympic objects in Sochi;
→ Thermal insulation of mother ships and trawlers in Klaipeda;
→ Belarusian nuclear power plant in g.Ostrovtse;
→ Complex facilities Vankor group of fields in the Turukhansk district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Usinsk, Langepas, Naro-Fominsk, Monchegorsk PROCESSING Plant

and many other large and small industrial facilities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

JSC "Belteploizolyatsiya" has experience in thermal insulation in the construction of large projects with participation of foreign firms such as UHDE (Germany), DANIEL1 (Italy), ENKA INSAAT YE SANAYIA. The S (Turkey), the ELK (Latvia), HUMBOLDT WEDAG ZAB GMBH (Germany), IZOMONT (Yugoslavia), FA ZIMMER (Germany), ABB SUSA Inc (USA), ARGE BENOBA BAU (Germany), PCE (Finland), WANDERS AGRO (Netherlands).