In all activities there is evidence of the technical competence №37372989.141-2015, issued by RUP "Stroitechnorm" by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction.

The right to work in the Russian Federation objects confirmed by the certificate of admission to a particular type or types of work, which affect the security of capital construction №0487.02-2009-100588875-to-2

JSC "Belteploizolyatsiya" issued a certificate of conformity №BY / 112 05.01.022 01330, which certifies that the quality management system construction and mounting of production (unit masonry structures, thermal insulation of the device enclosing structures, equipment and truborovodov, roofing, easchita building structures from corrosion, manufacturing plastering, painting, tiling, glass works, filling the window and door openings) corresponds to STB ISO 9001-2009

JSC "Belteploizolyatsiya" issued a certificate of conformity № 0000051-CT first category to carry out construction of objects of the first to fourth grades of difficulty.

Thermal insulation work

We provide thermal insulation of pipelines and equipment design process plants and energy systems, refrigeration plants, district heating networks and industrial furnaces. Proizvodstvodim work on the thermal protection of external walls of buildings and structures. Settling and lining works on boiler plants and power technology
Thermal insulation work
fire protection works
Sound Insulation